twitterのAPI制限が 150req/hour から 1500req/hourにアップ

去年の話ですが、Twitter API 2.0 のアクセス制限が
150req/hour から 1500req/hourにアップしたようです。

Twitter's Director of Platform Ryan Sarver followed up on earlier public announcements this weekend with an email to developers explaining plans to raise the limit on the number of times an application can request information from Twitter for a single user to 10 times what it is today (from 150 req/hr to 1500/hr), and to offer everyone the same kind of paid access to the full "fire hose" of user updates that Google and Bing enjoy. People who build cool Twitter apps say this is very big news.
1500req/hour ということは、3秒に1回(1200req/hour)までなら範囲内です。
3秒に1回が許容されるなら、Stream API を利用するまでもない、と思ったり。