cassandra のstableが0.6.2になりました

 * fix contrib/word_count build. (CASSANDRA-992)
 * split CommitLogExecutorService into BatchCommitLogExecutorService and 
   PeriodicCommitLogExecutorService (CASSANDRA-1014)
 * add latency histograms to CFSMBean (CASSANDRA-1024)
 * make resolving timestamp ties deterministic by using value bytes
   as a tiebreaker (CASSANDRA-1039)
 * Add option to turn off Hinted Handoff (CASSANDRA-894)
 * fix windows startup (CASSANDRA-948)
 * make concurrent_reads, concurrent_writes configurable at runtime via JMX
 * disable GCInspector on non-Sun JVMs (CASSANDRA-1061)
 * fix tombstone handling in sstable rows with no other data (CASSANDRA-1063)
 * fix size of row in spanned index entries (CASSANDRA-1056)
 * install json2sstable, sstable2json, and sstablekeys to Debian package
 * StreamingService.StreamDestinations wouldn't empty itself after streaming
   finished (CASSANDRA-1076)
 * added Collections.shuffle(splits) before returning the splits in 
   ColumnFamilyInputFormat (CASSANDRA-1096)
 * do not recalculate cache capacity post-compaction if it's been manually 
   modified (CASSANDRA-1079)
 * better defaults for flush sorter + writer executor queue sizes
 * windows scripts for SSTableImport/Export (CASSANDRA-1051)
 * windows script for nodetool (CASSANDRA-1113)
 * expose PhiConvictThreshold (CASSANDRA-1053)
 * make repair of RF==1 a no-op (CASSANDRA-1090)
 * improve default JVM GC options (CASSANDRA-1014)
 * fix SlicePredicate serialization inside Hadoop jobs (CASSANDRA-1049)
基本的にBUG FIXがメインなように見えます。